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Staci Williams
17:41 19 Oct 18
I’ve been seeing Lindsey Mckoy with Broomfield Community Acupuncture for 9 years. I went to Broomfield days searching for an acupuncturist to refer my massage clients to. I figured since I’d never had acupuncture before I should give it a try. On a regular basis over the years I try to have it done every 2 weeks, wow am I amazed how well it works for me. It not only calms my ailments, such as sore thumbs, back pain, rib pain, knee pain but it also helps so much with my mental well being. It’s helped me so much over the years to “not sweat the small stuff.” She also does cupping which helped tremendously with my bicep tendon when it was really inflamed. Lindsey is not only the kindest, caring person you will meet she is also so knowledgeable about everything acupuncture as well as Chinese herbs and she specializes in women’s health which is amazing since I’m now dealing with infertility issues. She has been working with me in addition with my fertility doctor towards being able to conceive. I am highly impressed with her knowledge and skills every time I go. If you haven’t already added acupuncture into your self care routine I highly recommend you start now with Lindsey she’s amazing.
Andrew Mrkvicka
19:56 28 Aug 18
One of the best! Ive had to prior acupuncture experiences that were not great and in fact scared me away for about 8 years. After enduring chronic pain, I went to Lindsey and it was wonderful! After 2 sessions the pain was virtually gone and I am a lifelong customer now. Lindsey takes the time to actually LISTEN to you, explores your needs and tailors each session to your current needs. Its been a (literally) life changing experience as I am pain free again. I owe it all to BCA!
Cheryl Tisdell
01:23 22 Aug 18
Lindsey is Amazing, knowledgeable and so kind. I have been getting treatment from Lindsey for years now. She has changed my life and I can't wait for my appointment so I can have my acupnap. Love that she has a sliding scale for treatment for those who didn't think they could afford it. I won't be able to function without my treatments.
Amanda Mrkvicka
20:02 18 Aug 18
I started seeing Lindsey in 2014 for issues surrounding fertility. Lindsey is hands down amazing!! Her demeanor, expertise, kind spirit instantly draws you in. After seeing Lindsey for a short time, my husband and I were pregnant with twins!! I continued to see Lindsey throughout my pregnancy as she assisted with things like sleep, pain, sickness, etc. After my delivery I continued to see her and still do to this day. In fact, I have several other family members going to her as well.My oldest daughter suffered a wrist injury and after engaging in PT, fascial stretching and massage, we started seeing Lindsey. I swear after my daughter's first session, she had positive results and today (after a couple of months of sessions) she is flipping around like she did before her injury.Acupuncture is amazing! We have seen success in body, mind and spirit. We have worked through grief, sickness and injury with Lindsey. Whenever we leave a session, we feel extremely relaxed, happy, calm and better than when we walked in the door. Lindsey has healing powers, I swear it!!
Jenny Esquibel
19:37 13 Aug 18
I have been with Lindsay for around 10 or 11 years. She is a great acupuncturist! I would highly recommend her. I love that she also realizes that not every one can afford acupuncture and implemented her rolling scale payments. This allows me to get in every other week instead of once a month. I really appreciate that. Anyone that visits her practice will walk away very happy that they went. She is very skilled and loves what she does and that is very apparent.
Cheryl Blam
15:27 12 Aug 18
I've been working with Lindsey for a month to manage bone on bone knee pain until my scheduled surgery. The relief was felt after three sessions of acupuncture and became manageable. If anyone is thinking about an alternative to medication you should call BCA. Work with Lindsey who is extremely knowledgeable about the body, and she will help you find answers to alternative medicine.
Christine Robenalt
22:13 11 Aug 18
Lindsay is amazing. She is so knowledgeable and kind. I also think her concept of community acupuncture is wonderful. It really allows everyone access to the beneficial services she provides.
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