What is Community Acupuncture?

To Our Valued Patients:  

For your safety during the pandemic, we are currently only providing private treatments.  There is no group acupuncture or community room available at this time.  There is one zero gravity chair available, in addition to massage tables.  We hope to get back to our community style acupuncture as soon as it is safe; in the meantime, we appreciate your understanding.  

At BCA, we see ourselves as part of healthcare reform. That means it is our mission to make acupuncture accessible to and affordable for everyone. We practice acupuncture in an open room, group setting, using two recliners and two massage tables. Privacy is maintained by using low voices, screens, music, white noise and doors we can close for extra privacy if needed. Most treatments are received fully clothed, using points on lower arms and lower legs. Community style acupuncture is how acupuncture is typically practiced in China and the group setting fosters a collective healing environment, usually absent from much of American culture.

Payment is determined by your family’s annual income at $60-80 per treatment. Our patients who can pay toward the higher end of the sliding scale help subsidize patients who couldn’t normally afford acupuncture treatment at all.

We are not a non-profit and do not receive grants. Instead, we depend on our patients paying what they can to support the clinic and continue our work of making effective, compassionate healthcare accessible to every body.  

Acupuncture Broomfield's Lobby

To Our Valued Patients:  BCA is providing treatment only in private rooms.  There is no group acupuncture available at this time.  Thank you for your understanding.